Yvonne Brentjens

Union N.V. is collaborating with art historian and independant writer Yvonne Brentjens for the publication of the series® Brinkbank catalogue. The text written by Yvonne Brentjens will be accompanied by a large section of photographs featuring the Brinkbank in it’s current urban setting as well as in private collections.

Graphic design Wim Crouwel

Union N.V. is collaborating with graphic designer Wim Crouwel for the publication of the series® Brinkbank product catalogue.

series® aluminium

For more than 10 years, Belgian designer and manufacturer Milko Brusselmans has been experimenting with the engineering of folded metal plate furniture and modular storage systems which are today licensed to Union N.V. for their commercialization under the series® label. Designing is not a matter of searching for the beautiful says Milko Brusselmans, it is the challenge to create something truly useful, balanced in it’s form and most of all affordable for a broad range of consumers.

Lincensing agreement Friso Kramer

Lincensing agreement reached with Friso Kramer for the manufacturing and distribution of the Brinkbank concrete bench and sidetable under the series® label. read more

Tomaello B.V.

Union N.V. is under negotiation with terrazzo manufacturer Tomaello B.V. (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands) for a manufacturing agreement for the supply of the series® Brinkbank benches and sidetables.

Friso Kramer

Union N.V. is under negotiation for an exclusive licensing agreement with Dutch industrial designer Friso Kramer for the manufacturing and distribution of the Brinkbank concrete bench. The Brinkbank was first introduced at the Brink, the monumental central square of the city of Deventer as well as in public spaces around Amsterdam and Schiphol and came in two distinct models.

Milko Brusselmans

Union N.V. signed a licensing and manufacturing agreement with metal furniture designer Milko Brusselmans.

series® t-shirt

In today’s post-industrial society tattoos have become a widespread mode of expression, they are a mass phenomena which echo fashion’s consumerist attitudes. But it is as says Maddy d’Oliveira, “an undeniable positive phenomena because it transcends fashion by marking the individual well below the surface because it is permanent. It is therefore a positive move towards modes of expression which seek a deeper meaning”. read more